live online workshop

essentials of parenting

You’re a pretty good parent, but there are some things your kids do that drive you crazy - like tantrums or begging or any number of misbehaviors that kids are famous for!This 6-week online workshop will teach you the skills and techniques to handle your kids without breaking a sweat.Get ready for a transformative, empowering journey that will take your parenting skills from good to great!1 hr, 45 minutes per week
Seats available: Min 6, Max 12
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group coaching

parenting with purpose

This 8-week group program is designed to help you be a better, stronger version of yourself. Join with other parents as we discover what makes a great parent and give you opportunities to immediately implement what you learn with your kids.You’ll not only discover ways to short-circuit misbehavior, but also how to connect with your kids more deeply, and build a strong relationship that can withstand the challenges of our fast-paced and chaotic world.
90 minutes per week; Maximum of 4 couples.


One-on-one coaching

Mindful parenting

This 12 week program delivers all the same great content as group coaching, but on an individual or couple level.You'll get 75 minutes of one-on-one coaching with me each week for 6 weeks - personalized to your specific family and needs. Then every other week for another 6 weeks we'll work on cementing and implementing what you've learned.


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